October 17, 2012

for ellen

today is my muse and metetherial sister's birthday.

ellencat, my ellencat,
the threads that bind us are stronger than any ocean that separates us.

i love you.

May 27, 2012

untitled tribute


as my kindred ellen wrote, this year we wanted to create a tribute to our mothers, in honour of this mother's day past. for me these photographs came like a stream of consciousness over time, and are in some ways the most telling i have ever created.

i wanted to write a little bit more about them here, but i don't feel fully prepared, or capable to put these things into words just yet.

please see ellen's beautifully touching photographs in the blog post i've linked (above).

March 1, 2012

cotton cathedrals

hiding in snow white cotton cathedrals.

February 28, 2012


this april, 'the whistler's grotto' will be auctioned at montreal's first timeraiser event. i am happy to be part of this event as it not only has done a lot to support artists, but has generated 100,000 charitable volunteer hours in communities all over canada. a wonderful thing.

as part of my submission, i was asked to take a few photos for promotional purposes, including photos of my work space, and of myself at work, which i thought might be silly to share here. like a sort of behind-the-scenes, i guess.

February 15, 2012

february sale

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January 7, 2012


on a late november day, there was rebecca.

(please click through for the complete picture.)