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carmine magazine;

jami of carmine magazine asked if she could interview me recently, and i excitedly said yes! it appears today on, here. i've been following jami's interviews since the addmyartjournal livejournal community, a year or so back. they've always been nothing less than inspiring and an interesting read. i'm a little nervous about my contribution, but so happy to have been asked.

carmine & amaj have featured interviews with (some of my favourite) artists; nubby twiglet, tiphanie brooke (antigirl), and zoetica ebb.


  1. I just read it. congratulations on the interview! It looks so good, and you do not come off as anything other than the amazing creative force that you are!

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words! It means a lot to know that people really like what I've been doing with these interviews. Thanks for being a fan and thank you so much for doing this interview! :)

  3. i read your interview on carmine magazine and really enjoyed it! there is this dreamlike, organic feel to your photos that really draw me in.

  4. smacthoughts, thank you so so much. that is a huge comfort. i was just praying i didn't sound silly/redundant!

    jami, thank you once again for the opportunity! continued success to carmine. i know i will be watching. :)

    nimbostratus, these words mean a lot to me, thank you for the comment! & i love your blog. i hope you don't mind if i link it.