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here we are;

here we are; 2009.

the first picture of the new year.
+ the first post of the new year.

2008 was: the birth of this little blog in april, a big move in september, blackhaunter in october, and carmine magazine in november.

hopes for 2009: more time spent with familia mein familia (blood + otherwise), health health health, new creative projects + endeavors, creative-centered work, a new camera.

&& i hope all of your new year wishes come true.


  1. Oh my, in that case, while we're still in April... A very Happy Anniversary to you, dear Annie!!! I love your blog, and this little orange room, and that sneak peek too, with all the beautiful treasures and little ghost papercuts! Such a lovely home, and such a lovely lady! Truly

  2. haha, thank you Jason! funny how the anniversary never even occurred to me as i was writing last night - silly! i'm glad you found your way here, i never could have predicted four years ago what truly wonderful friendships and surprises this blog would give to me. xx!