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mechanical garden;

jardin mécanique.
inflorescence machina.


  1. annie,
    here via carrefour etrange, a sweet accident.
    lovely images. i like how much darkness. and then something complex, unexpected. maybe like your interiormind.

    beautiful. go apartment six.


  2. xtine, i'm so happy you came, and liked what you found here. thank you so much for the very kind comment, and the introduction! i might never have found your own web spaces otherwise. i am very happily following your blogs now!

  3. hi again annie,
    glad to see your icon at the blog today. lovely.
    you know, i also followed your link to the elysian fields release (dark hair) and found it gorgeous gorgeous. have been listening to it for days. downloaded the latest album, and have been enjoying that too. so thank you for the new music. mmmmmmmmmmm.

    salute to you,
    and an all hail...