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dance me outside;

dance me outside.

(tiny playlist shambles);

dick powell, outside of you
ruth etting, young and healthy
elysian fields, only for tonight
bob haring's velvetone orchestra, deep night


  1. i'm always amazed by your pictures and the way you create mystery with them. By the way, do you know a track by Elysian Fields called "Diamonds all day"?, one of my favorites but it's not on any album. I'll send it to you if you don't know it. And thanx for your comments ;)

    losfeld/ au carrefour ├ętrange

  2. merci merci merci tellement, losfeld. :)

    and no! i have not heard this song. please send it, i would love to hear it (

  3. I've followed your photos for ten years now... All the way back to Hollowsound. I'm glad you're still out there.

  4. anonymous, wow! that is going back quite a long time... thank you so much. i am glad you found me again/continue to follow.