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diamonds all day;

he said i can still see you coming in my mind's eye
he said i remember dying when you drained all my life

diamonds all day


this is my second elysian fields inspired entry in as many months. oops.
*(thank you losfeld, for kindly passing this beautiful song on to me.)


  1. Thank YOU for turning this beautiful song into a fascinating picture, bravo mille fois!


  2. You make such wonderful photos; simple compositions cropped down, so full of light and shadow!

  3. miles and miles of smiles to you both. x.!

  4. your photo says it all without saying much. as in the best of your work, there are hints of things recognized and understood, but whenever we think we've found something concrete... something tangible, we are forced to spend time with poetry. it frustrates and titilates and we are glad in it.