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the becoming of my anchorless limbs;

the becoming of my anchorless limbs.

these were and will be the last images made with my little canon,
for she rests now in internal pieces.


  1. Lovely weird! I love both but i really adore the second one (and last one :( ... ) Amazing to see what legs and hands can express! If i had money i'd pay you a new damn cam...


  2. ♥ you to (internal) pieces.

  3. losfeld, oh thank you thank you. i am hoping to have a new camera within my possession soon. you are wonderful and sweet.

    m, and you. again + again. ♥

  4. Awww...sorry for your camera, what happened?? I am still mourning the loss of my G6 since sending it in to get the LCD replaced. Little did I know that I would never see it again; the first camera I'd ever bought. :( I hope your next camera brings you as much joy.

  5. i just love your blog! it's marvellous, mind if i follow? :)

  6. s.! it fell from a tripod (which was broken, and feebly repaired - big big oops!). this is the first camera i ever bought as well, so i feel your pain. i am happy for you and your new camera, tho! a couple of my friends bought the xsi recently and adore it. i've chosen another powershot for the time being, but an slr is my very next goal.

    xo, i don't mind at all, thank you very much. i am happy you like what you see! :)

  7. me encanta tu blog, es una inspiracion
    saludos desde tierra del fuego

  8. grasping. nothing to grasp.
    all undone. great open wind rising up.

    dear heart,
    all hail.


  9. your blog is absolutely gorgeous.