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annie stephens & meryem yildiz, in collaboration with cheap as candy thursdays, present ephemeroptera: dyadic incantations.

akin to the lifespan of mayflies, and for a single night only, come peruse carefully chosen photographs by meryem & annie: a dual proposition in a nook of magnetic enigmas and ephemeral mystique. the event is a feast for the eyes, but also for the senses, as you are invited to indulge in peculiar whims or even to confess...

the m-theory collective will perform live jazz pieces, followed by dj hunky dory, whose melodies will befit the mood for the rest of the evening.

come join us for this exceptional occasion on thursday july 30th at syndrome, 5777 st-laurent, corner of bernard. the exhibit will begin at 10pm and will last until 3am.

(& lushes will be pleased: beer on tap is $1.50 & shots are just $2!)


  1. those words you said a couple of weeks ago was a big big part of this.