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recspec: season of the witch;

SEASON OF THE WITCH volume one in a series of themed mixes from recspec.

i have to dedicate a small entry to this little cd: it is what i have been shaking my bones to exclusively this new year. this most perfect aural escapism comes care of the austin texas based devilish duo of recspec (the always inspiring laurel barickman + her partner in crime, dave milner); it arrived on my doorstep a little before christmas and has been in constant rotation here in apartment six ever since. i believe there are limited copies left? if so i highly recommend snatching one up before they go poof!


  1. Sounds wonderful...heading over to the site to check it out. Hope the new year is treating you well -- love the photos, as always!

  2. you are such a doll, and we have new product pictures, thank you! i am so very flattered that you like it so much. beaming!

  3. I just listened to this's soooo good! Hope all is bliss with you!

    love & magick,
    xo Lavona