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shots magazine no. 106;

january has slipped through my fingers so quickly and now i play catch up as fast as i can.

an important piece of news i've been anxious to share - my photographs are printed in the annual portfolio issue of shots magazine, no. 106 available to order through the web site, along with a back catalog of so many other inspiring issues.

others interviewed & featured within these pages: andrea camuto, emile hyperion dubuisson, amy holmes george, josef hoflehner, kisa kavass, nikos konstantinidis, edith maybin, lauren semivan, and eva timothy.

a million and one heartfelt thank yous to russell joslin for his impeccable work in putting together such a beautifully laid out magazine. i really could not think of a more perfect way to close 2009.


  1. Congratulations. Your work is just spectacular.

  2. thank you anon, manuel and s.! :)

  3. when you just don't know what to say because words would seem invasive and restrictive, it's best to just breathe in the rapturous moments and give thanks.

    thank you, annie.