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cat fishing;

cat fishing. or, how to catch a cat.


  1. lovely. i wish you'd post every day.

  2. i agree with the first commenter! every day, i wish!

  3. Did I comment here? Because I came across your blog yesterday, but I can't remember whether I commented your blog or not?! Weird. Oh right, you can tell that I followed you yesterday, right? Hehe. Spazzing right now :) I love your blog and your blog name, that's how I came across your blog! Nice to meet you too :)

  4. merci beaucoup. what a great compliment. i adore your little nest here.

  5. m & lau - ♥ !

    avalonne, thank you so much! i am happy you stumbled across me. :)

    cinta / sepi / sayu, merci tellement. i am happy you do.