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black thread;

black thread_____

& threadbare.


by which we hurl the depths of our chests wide open and out to the sea, and bare the black threads that bind our hands together.


  1. you make my heart race
    but lose.

  2. the sky made a beautiful rumbling sound as i was finishing my note to you and it made me smile.

    a message to you, my ellen.

  3. Just found your blog (I can't quit recall how or where...) and I'm totally blown away and completely in love!

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  5. I gave you an award. To see it, go to my blog. :)

  6. helen, thank you. your blog is beautiful.

    galit, that is such a wonderful compliment, thank you very very much! i am following your blog now, i am completely engrossed.

    alexandria, thank you so much for this, that is so sweet of you!