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this has been a long time planning, but i have finally added some new prints to my bigcartel shop + with a lot of help and encouragement, i decided to give etsy a try as well.

i will be adding prints, and hopefully some other little odds + ends from time to time, if you do not see a photograph, or photos, in the shop that you would like to own, or at a size you would like i am happy to make orders upon request, please do not be afraid to ask.

thank you for looking!


  1. Perfect! I will fill my world with your visions!

  2. Congratulations, dearest !
    I see treasuries coming ! (and maybe a special order, soon)
    x x x

  3. ellen, oh yes, i have a very special package or you to prepare!

    mathyld, you are so lovely! thank you for all your support and words of wisdom in helping me set up!