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wedded in the woods

the ceremony (ghost blessings)

wedded in the woods of tunbridge, vermont
october 10th, 2010

last autumn i made my way by bus from montreal to the ink black milky way night skies and endless winding forest roads of vermont to attend the wedding of a longtime friend and faraway kindred, tamera/verhext. for almost ten whole years her words have been a source of deep primal truths and witchen wisdom to me, wonder and laughter and solace, too. when tamera invited me to be there for such an important day, i knew i had to find a way to make it happen.

these photographs feel as lost in time to me as that day did, and still does. for one afternoon we were all transported back to a fairytale forest time of stone altars, nuptials in a delicate hand, whispered oaths and spirit blessings, chandelier crystal strewn tree branches, wild toad stools and elderflower liqueur, babbling brook laughter and fiddle music. i will always be lost for words and honoured to the bone to have been a part of it all somehow. with all my heart, thank you, tamera and sean. long and happy days to you both, forever and ever amen.

(please see and read more about it all here, from the beautiful bride herself.)

tamera and sean.

photos taken with kodak jiffy six-20 series ii camera, and a modified roll of 120 film.


  1. Very touching text and heart-breaking photos ...
    I personaly think that this white ghost shows the presence of Tamera's beloved gran ...

    Thank you for sharing these
    x x x

  2. More than a bit Magical my lovely...

  3. OH my gosh. Looks like a dream.

  4. I love the feel of these photos. The colour and quality of the film is to die for - like something from the 1970s.

  5. that was a wonderful piece of writing about a wonderful day!

  6. Wow. Touching story.

    And the first pic looks like the painting of a dream, while the second one makes the couple look like those forever-happy city couples from the 50s lost in modern woods.

    Love it.

  7. mathyld, i hope i said it before, but in case i hadn't - thank you sweet mathyld, these words mean a lot!

    greer, it really, really was.

    susan, i'm so thankful that camera was able, even just a little bit, to capture the feel of that day.

    celia, i know what you mean!

    vivian, it was sooooo nice seeing you again that day, after sooo long! i need to come visit you in your neck of the woods one day soon!

    séb, oh wow, that's gorgeous description! thank you! ps: i'm still very interested in working on that book... ahem!