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a small step away from the usual. oh little orange room, what a long way you've come. i like to see what objects and personal items people collect, what they choose to fill their spaces with, so i guess this is a tiny peek at mine.

i've also been waiting for an opportunity to show you these beautiful mon petit fantome papercut prints. i adore chad and his gorgeously crafted pieces. his work strikes something deep down inside, deeper down than grandmother got inside the big bad wolf's belly. plainly, chad holds the seed of all fairy tales between the blades of his scissors. i feel very lucky to give these papercuts a home.


  1. lovely. i like these glimpses. also, those papercut prints are great--they even have a swan. :]

  2. I utterly adore still lives & collections. These last photos are nothing but captured dreams ...
    x x x

  3. your space is just perfect. not that i'm surprised. ;>

  4. Tantalising Annie. Is that a lttle of our red tree I spy? Can't wait to see you sometime this week.. xx

  5. m, a swan, yes! i should have know you would spot that, dear m. :>

    thank you, mathyld. xx!

    lau, you should see the mountain of boxes against the wall off camera. ;>

    greer! it isn't, buuuuuut our little red tree branch hangs from my ceiling like a funny twigly chandelier (it hangs below a bare bulb tho, so it's a bit ugly until i figure out how to cover it decently), haha. every time i enter the room i think of that day. and did you recognize the bird on the shelf? from our first day op shop'ing and coffee'ing right after you moved last may!

  6. I too am always fascinated by other people's spaces and love these little peeks & glimpses.

    I have that same papercut of Chad's young miss with the ghostly branch bouquet! I suspect mine is not nearly so well displayed ...though I think you have given me a few ideas!