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diary - may 17th, 2011

diary - may 17th, 2011.

dear diary and dear you (and you, and also you), i stray again from the usual content of this blog to share a tiny snapshot, some promised photographs, of a happy adventure. this year for my birthday the rainclouds that have been hanging over the city for weeks parted for one day and i had ancient bones, and a shrunken head, magic lantern slides of the egyptian pyramids and little stuffed beasts. and i was very happy.

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  1. These are beautiful, Annie! Happy birthday to you sugarplum. xoxoxo ever.

  2. angel! thank you, sweet thing. miss you terribly, beautiful girl!

  3. Now this is the most beautiful day !
    Un bel anniversaire, dearest Annie !

    And WHAT ! These Egyptians slides !? *jealousy*

    x x x