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this is a photograph of fred, he is the beloved of one of my dearest friends. this was taken with his hasselblad ("the baby"), which he was so sweet to allow me a chance to snap a picture with.

this is to document that once upon a time i held one of these wonderful beasts. even if it may be my last. but i hope that it isn't.


  1. that is a BEAUTIFUL photo. the quality of it is just unreal. great job, annie!

  2. That is an amazing portrait. Also, I love the gates. :)

  3. My love, I will see if I can source one here. At one point I used to trade in them. I sold them to friends who have since sold them off in turn. You have quiet the way with a blad hehe. Xxx

  4. And what a beautiful afternoon it was too...... I love this picture Annie. Big love to you xx

  5. lau, it is all the hasselblad's doing! i am completely awestruck by this camera. the shutter makes the best sound i have ever heard, too!

    celia, thank you! fred found the perfect spot for portraits. you'd never know it was on a busy street.

    ellen, you are wonderful. i've emailed you, my love.

    greer, that afternoon couldn't have been any better if it tried. the company had everything to do with it. je t'aime, my beautiful friend. here's to more afternoons just like it.

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  7. It would simply lift my heart and spirt if I could meet all you wonderful people. Soo many interesting places in 'the hood" to run around and photograph/be photographed in....

    Feeling so isolated. My "babies" (including all my Holgas, Mamiya, canon and Bolex) are all staring at me, longing to be taken out for a cinematic/celluloid spin.. :-)