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may 18th, a dedication

this is a dedication to the marking of one full rotation.
this is a dedication to a girl, on this date one year ago today.

this is for my ellen.


  1. Love the simplicity of your photos.
    Ellen's work is amazing too!

  2. Beautiful in every way
    So perfect

  3. My love,

    you have been my muse and safe place this year and I look forward to a never ending friendship with the one I live in the castle with.

    From the 18th to eternity.

  4. alexandria, thank you very much. isn't ellen wonderful? her work is like no one else's, and is very much worth taking a quiet moment to delve into. her world is truly inspiring.

    jason, thank you dear friend. always.

    oh ellen, and you mine. i look forward to our life of kinship and adventures within and beyond the castle walls. xx.

  5. The images ... The words ... The dreams ... Friendship & Love. Treasures.
    x x x

  6. wow! amazing! thank u so much for sharing this nice post!