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diary - october, 2011

diary - october, 2011.

objectify - to externalise a phantom in three dimensions; to see it as a solid object fitted into the waking world. - frederic william henry myers

in the coming of the winter months the air in this drafty apartment becomes a presence all its own. my crystalline company, corporeal companion.

just a glimpse of october light, and a yes i am still alive.


  1. i am so happy you updated.

  2. if i were to step into
    a photograph of yours,
    i'd need spats for my shoes,
    a straw boater for summer
    and hushed tones for dressing down.
    there's quiet and civility
    and honor for the aged. a grandmother
    would be expected to share her stories
    and teach her grandchildren long-forgotten
    manners. there would be hand-cranked ice-cream
    and the sound of hooves on the cobblestones, feathers,
    sleeved handkerchiefs, and corsetted restraint. men would wear linen and starched collared shirts and cuffs. a hat pin could be a gift of love and utility.