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untitled tribute


as my kindred ellen wrote, this year we wanted to create a tribute to our mothers, in honour of this mother's day past. for me these photographs came like a stream of consciousness over time, and are in some ways the most telling i have ever created.

i wanted to write a little bit more about them here, but i don't feel fully prepared, or capable to put these things into words just yet.

please see ellen's beautifully touching photographs in the blog post i've linked (above).


  1. Cotton threads and bind me to you always. I love you.

  2. These are so moving Annie. And the way they move too. When I look at these, and together with Ellen's - like harmonious waves, back and forth, between salt tears and loving embraces. It's beautiful, truly

  3. absolutely amazing. these are so beautiful, so perfect.

  4. very beautiful. i love them, the black and white view looks really good to.